DIVE! The Dumpster Diving Movie Comes to DVD (With Minimal Packaging)

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Image credit: DIVE!
DIVE!, the documentary about living off America's trash has been making the rounds of the film festivals for some time now. It's even sparked a huge campaign to get Trader Joe's to stop wasting food. Now the show is coming to a screen near you, as the film is finally launched on DVD. And yes, it comes in pretty minimal packaging too.

As the trailer above shows, DIVE! is a movie that challenges people's preconceptions about the hygiene, convenience and social acceptability of dumpster diving. While some people will, no doubt, find the idea of a baby shower catered entirely from a dumpster to be gross—others of us are more shocked at the astounding fact that food waste squanders more water than washing, the climate impact of uneaten food, or the notion that half of the food produced in the world goes to waste.

Dumpster diving is really just the medium for a much bigger, more important conversation. Get the DIVE! DVD now to keep the debate flowing. (And you can admire its cardboard, virtually plastic-free packaging too.)

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