Dishwasher cooking- The Recipes


If you’re going to waste energy and water using your dishwasher, you might as well make double use of the debit and cook up some dinner in the hot suds while you’re at it. What? It sounds nuts, and granted, it is, but Bob Blumer, the Surreal Gourmet, has perfected the technique, so you might as well use it.

It seems an odd way to save energy, and granted, that was never really his point. But it is ours. The classic dishwasher recipe is poached and Blumer’s instructions, along with a much needed Q&A;, are featured on and more discussion (because this is a subject that cries out for heavy discussion) can be found on the ever entertaining J-walk Blog along with some novel dishwasher cooking ideas and a link to a recipe for Dishwasher Carrots With Butter and Dill.

Cooking times vary with dishwasher model. [by Tamara Holt]