Disgusting Photos of Hospital Food Used to Demand Change

hospital food photo

Image credit: Soil Association

Institutional food has been a regular target for campaigners of late. From Michelle Obama being urged to take "meat unfit for KFC" off school menus, to efforts to introduce healthy sustainable food for day cares and nurseries, the idea is to simultaneously provide vulnerable members of society with better food, and also use the awesome purchasing power of institutions to help change our food and farming systems. Next on the menu is hospital food, and not before time. In fact, much like the teacher who photo-blogged about poor quality cafeteria food, one group is using photos of less-than-appetizing hospital meals to push for health care providers to step up their act.There are, of course, plenty of examples of a healthy, nutritious and sustainable hospital food around the world. From the fresh, local produce served in Virginia hospitals to the delicious meals served at Stanford University Hospital, the idea that eating good food might just help us feel better, and even get better, is undoubtedly catching on.

Hospital Food Disparity is Too Wide
But campaigners from UK organic charity Soil Association claim the time is right for a more systemic approach to greener, better food in UK hospitals. The disparity between good and bad food in hospitals is just too wide, and it's time for every hospital—no matter where they are situated, or what communities they serve—to step up and understand that good food can indeed be medicine, and that bad food can impact much more than just your appetite.

Campaign Uses Photo Sharing to Shame Hospitals
To help drive their message home, the campaigners are calling on folks to post good and bad examples of hospital food on the Soil Association Facebook page or Flickr page. The results so far are as revealing as they are off putting. (To be honest, I have a hard time telling what some dishes are supposed to be.) These photos will soon be followed up with an in-depth report into the state of hospital food in the UK.


hospital food photo

Image credit: Soil Association
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