Dining on Dupont: It's Organic


South of the tracks in midtown Toronto, three new restaurants have opened that demonstrate the trend: Local and organic is in. Ezra's Pound sells fabulous fair trade coffee, and a limited menu of great organic sandwiches with full disclosure: if an ingredient is not organic it is noted with an asterisk *the capers in this sandwich are not organic.

According to Nathalie Atkinson at the Post, "fresh-baked goods and coffee -- fair trade and pesticide-free -- for early birds and commuters walking to Dupont station. It's all served in non-toxic, biodegradable Green Shift cups and packaging. And the light fare served at the bistro tables (homemade organic granola, bocconcini and roasted pepper sandwiches drizzled with herbed olive oil) is always accompanied by bottled water: Toronto's finest, served in retro reclaimed green bottles"


Down the block, next to previously reviewed Live, a former staple of standard greasy spoon fare has been replaced by Magic Oven, a pizza joint that "is proud to feature local and organic meats and vegetables to reduce food miles" and a menu full of vegetarian and vegan pizzas and a selection of "pizzaceuticals"- loaded with anti-oxidants and anti-toxins.


Another block and round the corner is Noon, a modern spoon with all the standards but many healthy vegetarian and vegan choices on the menu.

Three new joints within walking distance, all serving organic, local and the option of vegetarian or vegan. Going green is not a fad, it is not a trend, it is what you do now if you want to be in the food business.