'Dancing Shrimp' Off The Menu At Sacramento Sushi Restaurant


photo via flickr

Ever eaten live shrimp? Me neither, and I don't want to. But while some consider the dish a delicacy, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals consider it cruel. That's why PETA targeted a Sacramento restaurant that was serving "dancing shrimp," which is shrimp with lemon juice squezzed onto their exposed flesh, creating pain.PETA contacted Nishiki Sushi after the group heard about the dish from their members. Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland did research in 2007 on shrimps' ability to feel pain and found that shrimp responded to stimulus on their antennae and to painkillers.

Amanda Fortino, a campaign coordinator for PETA, told the LA Times:

"Because we received so many calls, we contacted Nishiki and told them every animal feels pain, and we have the scientific evidence to back that up. They agreed to not sell the live shrimp anymore, and we really appreciate that."

The campaign, although emotive, is probably little more than a publicity stunt. After all, there are probably dozens of restaurants in Sacramento that serve live lobster, which are kept in horrible conditions before being eaten. Still, any campaign that brings attention to animal cruelty is a good one in my book.

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