Dairy Farmers Come Together to Deal With Cow Farts and Climate Change

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Seems like the topic of climate change can bring around some of the strangest, and best stories. Corporations turn their back on each other for not believing in it. And yet others are banning together, like the sailing club that is helping grain coops in Canada bring their goods to market, just for the fun of it. Now dairy farmers are all banding together to face up to their role in changing the climate and help each other out with some of the best practices in dairy farm management, energy efficiency and resource management.The website and online group was created to be a storehouse of carbon emission reduction best practices for the dairy industry. Of probably greatest importance are 260 case studies of dairy sustainability projects, probably one of the largest collections anywhere. Multiple global dairy organizations have signed on to the project, including the International Federal of Agricultural Producers, the International Dairy Federation, the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, and the Southern African Dairy Association, among others.

Members can also sign a declaration, stating that they recognize the role they play in climate change and their intention to work on mitigation strategies. Topics of interest among the dairy farmers include, "emissions reductions; energy efficiency; transport efficiency; reduction in loss of milk; resource efficiency; and lifecycle management and accounting." Nations, both developed and developing, will be able to pass along best practices so no one is reinventing the wheel anymore. Besides reducing their carbon footprint, just streamlining an industry and saving resources, and therefore money seems like a best practice, no matter how big or small ones climate impact may be. :Dairy Sustainability Initiative
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