Cycling for Health

Cast your mind back to last year. Remember September? We brought you this piece regarding cycling and your health. Now Australian Cyclist magazine, in their print version, have a special issue on the topic. They have doctors advising that cyclists fare best when riding to the edge of traffic, rather than directly behind cars. And can further aid their avoidance of toxic airbourne particular matter (PM) by wearing a dust mask, making riding route selections away from heavy traffic congestion, tunnels and underground carparks. On the upside a study in Denmark, following 30,000 people for 14 years, found a 28% reduction in death rates for those that cycle commuted for 30 minutes per day. A Finnish study similarly noted a 40% drop in diabetes for regular cyclists. The various articles cite many positive health benefits from cycling, with even the British Medical Association suggesting the "overall benefits of cycling outweighed the risks by a ratio or 20:1!" So take that New Years resolution and get on your bike. Save your planet, save your self. ::Australian Cyclist (Lots of good stuff online, like bike reviews, but alas not the above noted health articles).