Cut food waste at home, one ingredient at a time, with this food discovery app

Handpick food discovery app
© Handpick

Stumped for dinner ideas? Handpick can help you find ideas for dishes made with the ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

With more than 10,000 ingredients listed, and access to some 10 million dishes posted on social networks, recipe sites, and food blogs, this app allows users to find ingredient pairings for the items they have on hand, which could help cut home food waste.

Handpick, which just launched publicly last week, is described as a food discovery app, which aims to give people more ideas about what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, by letting its users see what everyone else is eating. Users can pick the ingredients they already have, and then search for dishes that use those ingredients as the basis for a meal, which can help reduce the amount of food wasted at home due to spoilage or ingredients being discarded because they're "leftover."

"We started Handpick to let users input what they already have in their kitchen and find dish ideas using those ingredients. We’re curating the best dishes from Instagram and top food blogs, making it easy to discover how people around the world use your favorite ingredients." - Payman Nejati, Handpick CEO

According to the company, Handpick is the "largest searchable collection of food posts," with a current listing of over 10 million dishes, and the goal of reaching 100 million posts by this summer.

The app, which is free for iOS (no indication if an Android version is coming), serves up a visual feed of curated food posts, categorized by ingredients, diet, type of cuisine, and more, and allows users to save posts about dishes they'd like to make. By hand-picking the best dishes every day, the editorial team at Handpick aims to help its users quickly find the best recipes and dish ideas for them, without having to scroll through the thousands and thousands of listings.

Handpick also encourages users to become content creators by publishing Topics (a collection of dishes with a common ingredient or type of cuisine, sort of like Pinterest Boards, but just for food).

Find out more about this food discovery app, or download it and start searching for dishes made from what you have on hand, through the Handpick website.

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