Cut extra calories out of your diet and feed them to the hungry with FoodTweeks

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In our modern culture, where easy access to high calorie foods leads many people to overeat, there are still many that go hungry every day. This app aims to enable us to eat slimmer, while funding food banks at the same time.

Changing the diet we're accustomed to can be quite challenging, even with the best of motivations, but changing little aspects of our diet, in order to eat healthier, is a great place to start. By cutting out extra calories from the foods we eat every day, we can make a difference in our diet without having to make a radical overnight change to our eating habits. The Foodtweeks app promises to help cut the calories in our food choices, while funding an essential part of our communities - food banks.

The free app, for both iOS and Android, asks users to pick the food they're considering eating, and then suggests "tweeks" to that food item that effectively cuts some of the calories from it. Once the "tweek" is chosen, whether it's cutting out the mayo or skipping the cheese or using only half of the salad dressing, a donation is made to a local food bank for the equivalent amount of calories, in order to help feed hungry families.

"Each tweek removes on average 65 calories that you won’t miss and won’t leave you hungry. Once you find a tweek that works for you, you can repeat it every time you eat that food. It only takes a couple tweeks a day to remove hundreds of calories every day from your regular foods – without having to give up the food you love! It’s that easy." - Foodtweeks

Because a big part of apps is social sharing, if you choose to share your "tweek" with your Facebook friends, Foodtweeks will double or triple the donation, without any cost to you. Download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

If your local food bank doesn't yet participate in the Foodtweeks program, encourage them to sign up at the website, as it can be another source of funding for these important institutions that feed the hungry day in and day out.

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