Cure Your Dog's Gas, Anxiety, and Bad Breath. Accommodate His Gluten Allergy. Support Local, Organic Farming.

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Image Credit: Barkwheats Dog Biscuits

Your dog may or may not have a gluten allergy, but either way he'll enjoy the wheat-free taste of Barkwheats Dog Biscuits. Replacing regular wheat with buckwheat (which is actually a berry- who knew?), Barkwheats is a Maine-based outfit whose tasty treats are 100% organic. All ingredients come from small family farms, and the treats come in boxes that aren't just recyclable, they're compostable. Barkwheats founders Chris Roberts and Renee Johnson write:

We founded Barkwheats in late 2007 with the inspiration of our two black lab mixes, Baxter & Sabine, their nutritional needs and the desire to support small-scale, organic agriculture in our home state of Maine. We wanted a wholesome dog biscuit that actually helped treat some common problems that dog parents deal with, like bad breath, gas, and anxiety. We created a grain-free biscuit because that's the way dogs are meant to eat, choosing buckwheat since it is easily grown in Maine.

While your canine may not be able to appreciate the organic qualities of his new favorite treat, he's certain to love the flavors, which include blueberry and lavender, pumpkin and sage, and sea vegetable and chamomile, among others. Perhaps the most impressive is ginger and parsley- if not for the fact that it's the only pet product on the market to carry a Fair Trade Certified logo, than for the fact that it actually freshens your dog's breath. To top it off, other flavors can help against anxiety and even gas!

Barkwheats, however, needs a little help. They've started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for new bakery equipment. With larger-scale, more efficient technology, they'll be able to hire more local staff, bring Barkwheats to more stores, and lower their prices. Their fundraising goal of $25,000 will only get them halfway there, so watch their video and donate now! A pledge of $25 gets you two 5/8" Folk Dog acrylic magnets and two trial size packets of Barkwheats for your dog. $500 is good for a 10 x 10 commissioned acrylic on canvas portrait of your dog by artist Abby McMillen of Folk Dog Art. And what do you get for $7,500? Your dog's picture on the box of the newest flavor or Barkwheats, along with a free year's supply of biscuits.

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