Crushing Seed to Fry the Turkey - DIY Thanksgiving Extreme

How Much Canola Does it Take to Fry a Turkey?
From moving toward vegetarianism to buying local, organic or free range for the Thanksgiving table, TreeHugger and Planet Green are both full of examples of how we can enhance our celebrations by nurturing a more intimate relationship with our food and where it comes from. But my friends Lyle Estill and Matt Rudolf over at Piedmont Biofuels, both advocates of the 100 mile diet, may just have taken this concept a step further than most of us could (or should!) — crushing over 55 gallons of their own canola seed to produce oil for deep frying the turkey (click below the fold for video footage of the results):

I spent a night crushing seed. A night filtering oil. A night washing oil and bringing Summer Shop up to "Food Grade," and I spent some time getting a burner working.

After which Melissa says to Tami, "Where do normal people get their oil?"

I am assuming that what she meant by this is that she was thrown off by our use of the little known canola. Normal people crush, filter, degum and wash soy.

Congrats to Matt and Lyle for taking DIY culture to the next level — though we're not quite sure of Lyle's culinary suggestion of following up the feast with deep fried gnocchi and garden salad, but what do we know? Matt even managed to grab time to shoot the footage below of Lyle explaining their escapades. (Disclaimer: Piedmont Biofuels are known more for their skills with grease than they are for their video production expertise...)

Note: You can also check out my interview with Lyle Estill of Piedmont Biofuels - part two here, part three here - from back before I was accustomed to his greasecentric ways.

Piedmont Biofuels

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