Crude: Oil at US$900,000 a Barrel

The artists and marketing genii at Citizen are launching a new line of perfume, working with New York artist Cory Ingram. We can't say it better than the press release:

"It is a limited edition perfume in which "50 ml of crude oil is exqusitely packaged and branded. Both art piece and luxury item, Crude foretells a potential future for one of the 20th century's most influential raw materials.

As our natural resources decline, the future of our society falls into question. How will everyday materials be valued, rethought, branded and consumed? Will a once plentiful resource become a luxury item? At $280 for 50ml, a barrel would be $900,000.

Also included in this range, a 1ml vial on card tester, that is a beautiful replication of a luxury perfume sample, normally given free as product promotion. As with all branded cosmetic launches, there is a "gift with purchase." Cory's manifestation of this is the Keffiyeh Wallet, made from a traditional Keffiyeh, a fabric most commonly used as head dress for Semetic tribes.

The three pieces in the line are:
Crude: 50ml packaged perfume, $280
Crude (tester): 1ml of crude oil vial on card, $60
Keffiyeh Wallet: hand made from a single Keffiyeh, $120"

Nothing up on their website yet at ::Citizen but you can email ruth (at) . Thanks, Harry at ::Mocoloco