Creating 25 Community Gardens in Just 4 Years (Video)

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From sharing gardens offering food for all, to neighbors removing fences and growing food, Peak Moment TV has shown plenty of examples of communities coming together to garden. But how scalable are these initiatives? One Washington activist group decided to see just how many gardens they could start in their county—and the results were impressive.

Judy Alexander first set out to see how much food she could grow in her own garden. But having answered that challenge, she wanted to look further. So, together with the Local 2020 Food Resiliency Action Group in Port Townsend, WA, she decided to see how many community gardens could be founded in one county alone. Within a few short years, they were up to 25 gardens, and they had created a set of guidelines and frequently asked questions to help others along the way.

From match making between the landless and those who had land to donate, to focusing on neighborhood gardens to avoid the need to drive, there is plenty of awesome, practical advice here on how to get similar projects started in your community. But it is, perhaps, Alexander's observations on the transformative power of gardening that are most inspiring—it really is true to say that people don't look at food the same way once they have learned to grow it themselves.

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