Cows Unite- Join the Movement

Some organizations put up static websites; some think it is really sophisticated to have a blog. Some, like the people at the Sustainable Table, are always cutting edge, on the latest trends. In their campaign to make people aware of the dangers of factory farming, they produced movies like the Meatrix, Youtube videos like ::backwards hamburger and now go all web 2.0 with a social networking site where you are joining with online cows. There is a "Major breakthrough on an organic farm in Oregon. Organic farmer Jon Bansen responds to third great cow/human communication experiment, marking the single most important day in bovine history since the invention of electric handwarmers. Cows Unite is now in touch with humans. After a period of initially shaky translation, Bansen and the bovine sisters manage to agree upon a system and method to spread the cows’ messages to humans everywhere. A website (which, Jon explains, works much like electric fencing wire—who knew?!) is constructed with a remarkable level of hoofs-on contribution from two herd members previously thought too geeky to work such wonders, Desdemona and Rosie."

There is sophisticated mapping of all the members; when you sign up new ones and build your herd there are prizes and organic treats.

One can be dire and scary when trying to educate and motivate people, or you can use humor and the latest techniques. Sustainable Table does it again with ::Cows Unite