Cows on the London Undergound: A Good Stunt, But What's It For? (Video)

foe moovement cows on the London underground photo

Image credit: Friends of the Earth UK

What's a herd of cows doing on the London Underground? Having enlisted singing cows to help fix the food chain, Friends of the Earth UK has now launched an underground (sorry!) "Moovement" to demand rainforest free meat and dairy. Click below the fold to see some very confused commuters. The only trouble is, I'm confused about the whole thing too.The stunt may be silly. But the message is, or at least should be, deadly serious. With the horrific carbon footprint of Brazilian soy beans (a major feedstock for the meat and dairy industry), and cattle pastures creating deforestation too, it's clear that something needs to be done.

The campaign is urging UK residents to write to their Members of Parliament and support the "sustainable livestock bill"—a proposed piece of legislation that they claim will revolutionize the way meat and dairy is produced in the UK. The only trouble is, while I see plenty of coverage of the cow stunt, and a link for me to email a Member of Parliament, try as I might, I can't seem to find a copy of the bill, nor a summary of its main points, on the FOE site.

I'm all for publicity and viral campaigns. But it would be nice if they was backed up with some substance too. (If I've missed a link somewhere, I apologize, and please point me to where I went wrong!)

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