Cowgirl Creamery Organic Cheeses

neal's yard cheese.jpg
Bay Area cowgirls Sue Conley and Peggy Smith aren’t so named for their steer-wrangling skills or their hankerin’ for the range. Really it’s more about the cows—or at least their milk—since milk makes cheese. The duo, who work out of a renovated barn (they get extra points for renovating instead creating new construction!) in Point Reyes Station, California, were formerly successful chefs. (Peggy even ran the kitchen Chez Panisse, made famous by organic-manic celbrechef Alice Waters). Now the two make cheeses from the pure, natural, organic milk produced by Straus a local dairy, win awards for their comestibles, and sell them off to local restaurants and shops, Cheese Club members ($14-420), and lucky Internet shoppers (about $37-65). Via Daily Candy ::Cowgirl Creamery [by MO]