Could Subsurface Pressurized Irrigation Slash Water Use & Runoff? (Video)

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Image credit: Growing Your Greens

From raving about a private permaculture garden complete with public bus shelter, to describing a $0.25 ruler as the "most important gardening tool you can buy", John of Growing Your Greens is known to get a little enthusiastic from time-to-time. But his latest source of excitement is well worth taking note of because, if it is all it's cracked up to be, it could provide 20% more efficient irrigation than drip systems, oxygenate roots, reduce the need for weeding and eliminate fertilizer runoff too.

So what the heck is it?

Filmed at the National Heirloom Expo, the Earthmister irrigation system is a subsurface, pressurized irrigation solution that provides water directly to the root zone of plants using a jet spray. That means no water should land on the surface, reducing both evaporation and weed-seed germination, and it also means that roots receive oxygen as well as water.

The system is also designed for delivering liquid fertilizers (organic or otherwise), and again, because the delivery is directly to the root zone, if it works as advertized it should greatly reduce both over-fertilization and runoff. And, I'm presuming, because the system empties between waterings, the Earthmister should suffer less problems from algae growth, freezing and/or other issues related to soaker hose and drip systems.

It looks like John will be testing the system out in his garden, so we'll look out for more information soon. As for the self-professed "weird science" of the biowave device featured at the end, as a natural skeptic, I'll wait to be convinced. Here's a video from the makers of the Earthmister with more on this promising-looking device.

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