Could Spirulina Help Avert a Food Crisis?

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I've written before about the idea that micronutrients and supplements can be an efficient form of food aid, but what about spirulina? Named by Planet Green as one of their Top 5 super-healthy superfoods, this supplement made from two types of cyanobacteria grown in ponds (see the wikipedia entry on Spirulina for more) is said to be a fantastic source of protein. In fact, says Dr. Mark A. Sircus Ac., OMD over at the West Virginia Outpost, Spirulina could help stave off a food crisis:

Spirulina's growth rates are very high. Its rapid growth means spirulina protein needs 20 times less land than soybeans, 40 times less than corn, and 200 times less than beef production. Spirulina offers more nutrition per acre than any other food, but doesn't even need fertile soil. In a shallow pond in an ideal environment, spirulina can double its biomass every 2 to 5 days.

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