Could Organic Aquaponics Make a Big Splash?

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For regular readers of TreeHugger, aquaponics—an agricultural system that combines hydroponics and aquaculture—is nothing new. Though numerous home-based and DIY systems are on the market, the concept has yet to make a big splash as an urban food source.

The time for that to change, Good writes, has come.One of the problems with aquaponics systems is that, traditionally, they use petroleum-based fertilizers, prohibiting the products from being considered organic. Good explains that Cityscape Farms in San Francisco is working to change that:

To achieve greater sustainability, we are going to close the nutrient loop with an emulated ecosystem. Ours is a natural system—fish, water, fruit, and vegetables all living together in a sort of permaculture. In an aquaponic system, the effluent of the fish becomes the nutrient for the plant.

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