Cot'n Wash — A New Way to Wash Clothes

When we went to search TreeHugger for this product we were surprised we hadn’t discovered it yet. Thanks to our tipster, Vicky S., we’re now bringing 20-year-old Cot’n Wash to all of you, our dear readers. Made from organic ingredients, this laundry detergent is pretty darn easy to use, especially their newest product called Dropps. Each Dropps packet contains enough detergent for an entire load of laundry and the whole thing completely dissolves in the washing machine. Now your better half has absolutely no excuses (ahem)! And the packaging it came in (including the original bottles of Cot’n Wash that are still sold) is completely recyclable. Another great product is their High Efficiency liquid, a low-sudsing formula that is perfect for HE washers. You can purchase their products online and prices are pretty reasonable. Thanks for the tip! ::Cot’n Wash