Cornucopia Institute Files Complaint with FTC Against Peace Cereal

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The organic watchdog group Cornucopia Institute filed a complaint with the FTC claiming that Peace Cereal was deliberately misleading consumers into thinking that their cereal was organic in order to garner an increased profit. According to Cornucopia, Peace Cereal is priced higher than many name brand certified organic cereals.Peace Cereal was formerly organic but switched to conventional in 2008. The company still claims to be free of pesticides but with no USDA certification, especially when they were once certified, how can consumers be assured that the product is actually pesticide-free? And what's more, according to Cornucopia, Peace Cereal is often confused with organic cereal in the bulk bins at the grocery store and even labeled as organic, or placed alongside organic cereal confusing consumers.

"Natural foods are essentially conventional foods with a higher price tag, whereas organic foods are grown without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers," explains Charlotte Vallaeys, Farm and Food Policy Analyst with Cornucopia. "Stating that 'natural foods' are 'without pesticides' is completely without basis, and highly misleading to consumers."

While it is a consumer's responsibility to ensure that a product is actually organic, if they are labeled as organic in the bulk bins, how are you supposed to know otherwise? The claim of a food being "natural" is also a vague description which can mislead consumers into believing that their foods are healthy when they are often sprayed with a host of pesticides and herbicides.

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