Cornish Sea Salt is Direct From the Sea

cornish sea salt fresh from the sea photo jpg

Shari Lewis used to sing "She sells sea shells by the isn't that a silly thing to do." And the Cornish Sea Salt company sells sea salt taken from the Cornish coast of the Atlantic Ocean. And it is a pretty clever, and organic thing to do. The couple who started this venture returned to Cornwall after years away and wanted to do something local. There was a rich history of salt making in the area and in Great Britain--the Cornish Sea Salt Company is reviving this--it is only the second British company to start making sea salt in the last 125 years (Maldon, a favourite of chefs, is the other one).

Getting it into production took three years. The sea water along the coast is the most pristine and has the highest purity ratings. However, since most of the coastline is protected by environmental agencies, they had to prove that could built a plant that would be environmentally benign. They developed an energy-efficient system which takes only a small percentage of the salt out of the water through heating, and then returns the water to the ocean. It is crystallised in stainless-steel tanks so it is a snow white colour. The packaging is also eco-friendly. The need to cut back on salt usage has been a constant health warning of late but this is salt with a difference: it has 60 natural minerals and only a pinch is needed whereas industrially produced table salt is stripped of many of the natural ingredients. The salt has passed the first taste test: local chefs are praising it and using it in their restaurants. :: Cornish Sea Salt Via :: The Times