CoolHemp "Frozen Dessert"


Woody Harrelson called it "the best ice cream I've ever tasted!" except it's not ice cream, it is a hemp-based frozen dessert that hits every treehugger button ever pressed: "Our Cool Hemp frozen dessert ingredients are certified organic, certified kosher, locally grown, and certified Fairly Traded (no child slave labour in the production of cocoa and sugar, and guaranteed fair prices for farmers)...Our home office on Morninglory community farm is solar-powered, with wood and solar heat, and we use only recycled or tree free hemp paper." Not to mention, " Hempseeds are one of earth's most nutritious foods and are nature's source of perfectly balanced Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)." As soon as we find our Birkenstocks we are off to the Big Carrot for a cone, and offer our condolences to Americans who would be arrested for eating this. ::Cool Hemp