Cooking Blue on Earth Day

Chef Tim Ridge

photo: New England Aquarium

For the New England Aquarium, keeping it green means keeping it blue. The aquarium will be celebrating Earth Day's 39th anniversary with a memorable all local seafood dinner highlighting the talents of some of the area's most renowned chefs.
Celebrate Earth Day Eve in style at the Earth Day Eve Seafood dinner. On April 21, the New England Aquarium will focus on one of our most abused natural resources by treating diners to a three-course meal of wild and farmed seafood from local resources. The special menu features farmed scallops from Fairhaven, barramundi from Turner Falls, and haddock from off the Cape Cod coast. All the seafood selected by the Harbor View Café comes from resources that have a minimal impact on the environment.

"While many of New England's fishery resources face significant challenges, there are many good sources of seafood from our region," said Lydia Bergen, Associate Director for the New England Aquarium's Conservation Department. "What's even better is that we have local producers who are committed to using environmentally friendly aquaculture and catch methods. It means New Englanders can enjoy local seafood while still being mindful of the health of our oceans."

During the elegant affair, the aquarium hopes to educate guests about how to find seafood that comes from sources with a minimal adverse impact on the world's oceans. But the Earth Day dinner is only the tip of the iceburg. Behind the scenes, scientists at the aquarium have been working with fisheries, restaurants, and seafood distributors to encourage them to think about the manner in which the seafood they catch, purchase, and serve gets to the table.

If you can't make it on Earth Day, the New England Aquarium has similar events scheduled throughout the year:

· On June 23, the Aquarium features guest chef Dan Enos of Oceanaire who will prepare a menu of farm-raised crayfish, mahi mahi and golden tilefish.

· On August 25, the Aquarium features guest chef Mary Dumont of Harvest who will prepare a menu of farm-raised quahogs, squid and wild stripers.

Each prix fixe dinner costs about $75, unless you are a member, and beings around 6:30 p.m. So go ahead, resereve a table or simply check out the New England Aquarium's sustainable seafood efforts.

Educate Yourself When You're Cooking at Home
Get up-to-date info on the fish that are kindest to the environment in terms of over-fishing with sources like Monterey Bay Aquarium's Endangered Seafood Guide. World renowned chefs like Whitney Werner, owner of The Beach Club in Santa Monica, Calif., use this guide and others like it to ensure that they serve the most ecologically responsible seafood. These guides are a great way to ensure that you're not serving up an endangered species or a type of tuna that has been over-fished. With so many options, why not pick a fish that is both safe to eat and easy-on-the-planet?

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