Conservative City Slicker Explores Urban Goat Farming. And Milking. (Video)

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From backyard slaughter to urban bees TreeHugger is more than familiar with the idea of growing food in the cities where we live. On Wednesday I posted about a video tour of a serious aquaponics project in Denver, Colorado. It turns out that this video was part of an ongoing series documenting one decidedly non-green city slicker's attempts to bring the farm to the city. Next up, our intrepid hero tries his hand at milking goats. The Urban Conversion is a show all about Rodman Schley—a successful (and fiscally conservative) entrepreneur with 13 businesses, 270 employees and a sizeable carbon footprint—who is setting out on a journey to green his lifestyle, his businesses, and apparently dissuade his wife from moving the family to the country:

"As the creator and executive producer of The Urban Conversion, Rodman travels the country putting him in the most "extreme green" projects, to learn about how we can all make changes to save our planet. In the United States, there is an increasing movement towards homesteading in an urban environment. More and more people are working hard to create sustainable living lifestyles in order to reduce their carbon footprints, and be more environmentally friendly. Some of these lifestyles are quite extreme. From raising backyard chickens in the city, to milking goats, converting Rodman from a city slicker businessman to an off-the-grid "tree hugger" is ultimately The Urban Conversion. The show is best described as urban homesteading for dummies, and Rodman is the dummy!"

It definitely looks like a series to keep an eye on—although so far it looks like an internet-only show. Taking a look at the recommended products in the Urban Conversion store suggests that whoever wrote the synopsis was not joking when they said that Rodney was "not your typical TreeHugger." The Great Global Warming Swindle DVD is right up there with Food Inc and Who Killed the Electric Car...

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