'Conscious Cocoa' Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Lowering the thermostat is a good, green thing. And I mentioned last week, it could surprisingly help you lose weight. Those of us in cold climes less in for the weight loss and more in for a cooler planet, are trying to keep the thermostat moderately set (not cranked) and arming ourselves with eco-thrifty ways to stay warm. Hot cocoa might not help shed lbs. but it will help warm--and delight--the belly.

For your drinking enjoyment...my 'Conscious Cocoa' recipe. Low-sugar, low-fat and best of all, low-impact. The low-impact factor was an afterthought to my boyfriend's spontaneous cocoa creation. (I really need to credit him, he made the first batch.) While savoring our hot mugs of creamy, choco-goodness, we realized every ingredient, if not organic, was fair trade.

If you're athletic, there's an extra bonus: its protein-rich, low-sugar qualities happen to make a mug a perfect pre- or post- workout snack to keep you -- and muscles -- strong.

Recipe yields 2 mugs.

Conscious Cocoa

16 oz. of organic milk of choice. (We used dairy but any alternative will work -- organic hemp, soy, etc.)

2 tbps. of Fair Trade, organic, unsweetened ground cocoa. (We used Lake Champlain brand.)

1 tbsp. of organic agave nectar. (We used Madhava brand. You can sweeten to your taste. Organic maple syrup works quite well, too.)

Pinch of organic cinnamon.

Heat the milk in a saucepan without letting it boil. Stir in cocoa and agave. Pour, sip, dash in cinnamon and enjoy!

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