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This fall, we reported that the big trio of fish-hugging organizations -- Monterey Bay Aquarium, Blue Ocean Institute, and Environmental Defense Fund -- released a card to help consumers navigate their favorite neighborhood sushi restaurants. This month, there is yet another addition to the sustainable sushi literature, this time in the form of a book by writer and fisheries expert Casson Trenor.

Trenor's Sustainable Sushi is a 130-page, pocket-size guide with "all of the pertinent information needed to make sustainable choices at the sushi bar, from detailed profiles of 39 species of fish to a color-coded warning system that helps consumers choose sustainable options." The book also explores health concerns regarding mercury and PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) levels.

Trenor also has a web site,, where he says he will be posting restaurant reviews, blogging on the science, and posting photos and videos. In the meantime, he's got some lovely photos and information on San Francisco's Tataki Sushi Bar, where Trenor happens to be a sustainability consultant. According to Trenor, some of Tataki's best offerings include:

* British Columbia trap-caught spot prawns as ama ebi
* MSC-certified domestic albacore tuna from the North Pacific as shiromaguro
* Handlined yellowfin tuna from Hawaii as maguro
* Closed-containment farmed striped bass from California as suzuki
* Suspension-farmed Hokkaido scallops as hotate
* A few more slices of the same Hawaiian maguro
* Farmed almaco jack from Hawaii as kanpachi
* Closed-containment farmed arctic char from Washington State as iwana

We look forward to following Trenor's site as it blooms.

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