Compartes Chocolatier Donates To Darfur With Every Purchase

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Compartes Chocolatier is partnering with Relief Beads for Darfur to support the end to war and genocide in that country, as well as redevelopment of the country and people.

To highlight this partnership, Compartes developed two new, special gift packs with a new mix of flavors that 'foodies' will particularly enjoy. Dubbed the African Collection, these chocolate blends include, "cardamom + coconut, Grains of Paradise + African Mango, Caramelized Plantain, African Cacao Bean, and Organic Red Rooibos Tea." These chocolates are each stamped with the continent of Africa on them, and come in either a 5 piece set ($20 USD) or 10 piece set ($30 USD). Each purchase provides enough money to send one child to school for two months or to feed one malnourished child for one week.In addition, the chocolates also come with a Beads of Africa bracelet, which are each handmade from sand in Africa making each one completely unique. The bracelets can also be purchased individually for $8 from Compartes or Relief Beads.

Proceeds from both sales go to Relief International, a non-profit organization running the second largest refugee camp in Sudan, administering medical care at a clinic, providing life-saving medical care to malnourished children, as well as funding education for thousands of students in Sudan.

The UN labeled the situation in Darfur as, "the world's worst humanitarian crises" and since the crisis began in 2003, over 2.5 million people have fled their homes. That's a population roughly the size of Houston all packing up and fleeing to Dallas, Baton Rouge, San Antonio, etc and each of those cities having to take in several hundred thousand people. This instability strains not only people but also resources, as communities have to expand and new resources, food and medicine must be trucked in to refugee camps while people's lives are in limbo. The Los Angeles Times reported last year that this multi-year displacement is really taking its toll on local resources like water, forests, and food in an already stressed region.

To find out more about how you can help, go to Relief International. The chocolates can be found online at Compartes and at their boutique in Los Angeles.

For over 55 years, Compartes chocolates has been making artisan-crafted chocolates, many of which include organic and local ingredients. Their truffles are made with only natural ingredients and without sugar or preservatives.

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Compartes Chocolatier Donates To Darfur With Every Purchase
To highlight this partnership, Compartes developed two new, special gift packs

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