Community Supported Chicken Keeping for Backyard Coops (Video)

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I may have once mused on the environmental impact of my backyard chickens, but I have no doubt that, overall, keeping them has been both a wonderful experience and a significant contribution to improving our family's food security and sustainability. And they don't just give us eggs. From unexpected bug control to a significant donation of compost, my ladies are generous members of the household. But what has always amazed me is just how many other people seem to want to keep chickens, yet are intimidated by what may be involved. One community group in Ireland is looking to provide peer support to help people take the plunge.

Much like other Transition Town groups' efforts to harness peer-support for going green, members of Transition Towns Donabate/Portrane have set up Chicken Link, a community-supported mentoring and support program that introduces would-be chicken keepers to others in their community, helps them to learn the basics, and even puts them in touch with coop builders and chicken suppliers to help get them on their way.

As with many such projects, the video above illustrates that the benefits stretch way beyond the impact of each individual egg. By putting people back in touch with where their food really comes from, the idea is that consumers are much more likely to make ethical choices—not just in what they grow and raise themselves, but what they buy at the store too. Given the ongoing pressure of rising food prices around the Globe, the more people who take at least some responsibility for securing their own food supply, the more resilient, sustainable and tasty our world will be.

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