Community Gardening, Municipal Land & Friendly Competition Helps Fight Hunger

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Image credit: Vicki Moore, used under Creative Commons license.

From edible landscaping in parks to feed the homeless to the sharing gardens of Oregon, there are many models for community gardening that can help provide food for those in need. In North Dakota, the State is getting behind efforts to encourage gardeners and farmers to grow food for the hungry. And it's giving over municipal land to help make it happen.Paul Adams of the BBC reports on the race to grow food for the hungry in North Dakota, noting that the State has put aside both land and resources to promote the Hunger Free North Dakota Garden Project, but it us the enthusiasm and hard work of ordinary citizens that is making it such a success:

"It's becoming kind of a challenge between two of us sets of husbands and wives," says retired office supplies store owner Bob Schauer, as he and his wife Donna water seedlings on municipal ground in downtown Bismarck, the state capital.

The Schauers donated 350lb of produce last year but are now tending three plots, each measuring 20ft by 20ft (6m by 6m), and so hope to triple their record.

Much like Transition Streets' efforts to harness peer support for clean energy, this is yet another example that the most powerful sustainability efforts are those that reach beyond individual lifestyles, and into the realm of community identity and cultural change.

And it's also a fine example of Government putting resources into play, but letting the people pick them up and run with them. Now that's worth celebrating.

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