Community Aquaponics Project Gives Free Food to the Homeless (Video)

aquaponics community homeless photo

Image credit: EcoFilms Australia

From edible landscaping in parks to feed the homeless to a locally-funded restaurant that guarantees everyone a meal, we've seen plenty of ways that the local food movement is picking up the issue of social justice and fighting hunger too.

Here's a neat little video about an aquaponic garden next to a shopping center in Australia where produce is given away free to feed the homeless.

The idea of aquaponics—or the combination of fish farming and hydroponics—is a popular eco-meme among permaculture enthusiasts. By taking the waste from the fish and feeding it to plant, it mimics the nutrient cycles seen in nature.

Much like Will Allen's famous Growing Power Project, Sahib Punjabi's project takes the environmental benefits of aquaculture with the community benefits of just learning to share.

It's a lesson for us all.

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