Collaborative Consumption Comes To The Kitchen

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If you, like me, have run across the street or hallway to borrow your neighbor's bread machine or fancier food processor just a few too many times, you'll be happy to know the collaborative consumption movement that has spawned car sharing and bike sharing and tool sharing is now debuting kitchen appliance sharing. In Portland, Oregon a successful push to make canning equipment and knowledge communally available prompted a new city group to start the process of putting together an extensive collection of kitchen appliances and tools. What can we share next?

The new SE Portland Community Kitchen Tool Library hopes to have pressure cookers, canners, knife sharpeners, bread machines, popcorn makers, grain mills, and even place settings and a cider press. The new effort took inspiration from another Portland experiment, The North Portland Preserve and Serve service.

NPPS is only a tad different from tool libraries, which ask you to pay a small membership fee but allow you to borrow most of the tools for a week at a time free of charge.

NPPS, which started with a grant from Portland's Office of Planning and Sustainability, asks anyone wanting to borrow their pressure cooker canners, water bath canners, or steam juicers, for example, to schedule a time to do so on the web site, and then leave a small suggested donation to cover upkeep (volunteers staff the pick up location). Only neighbors of the North Portland city region are supposed to use the service, and only for personal or community (not commercial) use.

SE Portland Community Kitchen Tool Library has met to brainstorm how to fund the endeavor and find the right physical location for it.

Oh, yeah, and in answer to the question of what will we share next, go to the web site. You'll be surprised!

Collaborative Consumption Comes To The Kitchen
Tool libraries are a wonderful boon to neighbors who don't need a hacksaw...until they need a hacksaw. Now the new tradition is coming to kitchen, home of expensive and seldom-used gadgets.

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