Coffee and Cream Risotto

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

It wasn't until I developed this French onion soup recipe made with coffee that I realized just how much fun it is to cook with the seed. Sure, I have used it before, I add a dash of it to my black bean brownies which are simply divine. But now we're really cooking! Enjoy this dessert risotto with a white Port, preferably one with caramel notes. 1 cup of Arborio rice
6 cups of coffee
Whipping cream
Soy milk
1/3 cup sugar

1. Brew six cups of your favorite coffee. This is the most important step. Because you are reducing the coffee, you want a blend that is really smooth. I used this Fair-Trade Organic blend from Philz Coffee here in San Francisco (my favorite coffee shop). It is very smooth with hints of chocolate.

2. Dress the coffee using soy milk or regular milk. Even if you take it black, add just a splash.

3. Add the sugar. Depending on how you like your coffee, you can use more or less sugar. If you like it sweet, keep in mind that you will be reducing the coffee into the risotto. It will become sweeter through that process. If you do not take your coffee with sugar, I suggest you still use some for this recipe.

4. Using a large pan, add the rice and just enough of the coffee mixture to lightly coat. Slowly warm the rice and coffee over a low heat.

5. Once the rice has been warmed, add 2 more cups of coffee and bring it to a very, very low simmer. The key to risotto is long and slow.

6. As the coffee reduces and evaporates, add 1 more cup of coffee and repeat. Do this until the rice has fully cooked. You might not use all of the coffee.

7. Serve the risotto with a drizzle of cream.

8. Enjoy!

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