Code Green For Food Security

We've been keeping one eye open for food security stories that interest our readers. What does show up is so bureaucratic, like this announcement: "ASIS International has announced the merger of the Agriculture Ad Hoc Council and the Food Service Security Ad Hoc Council, to form the Agriculture and Food Security Ad Hoc Council... The merger of the two existing councils mirrors the unprecedented partnership forged between the Departments of Homeland Security, Agriculture, and ...". And blahdy blah blah. Looks like just so much catered meeting and thinking ahead stuff. For those of us eating out of our own kitchens, what kind of risk management choices do we have? Duct tape the windows? That is so code red. Can't we do something just a little bit green?


By jove I think we have it! And its soooo... code green. Eat locally produced foods. Even better if its organic (USDA Certified is fine). Dis the grocery for the rest of the summer and fall. Shop at the farmers market or through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organization. Cook at home with the family and think of it as doing your part to cut supply chain carbon dioxide emissions.

Skip the duct tape. Or is it Duck? Whatever.

We at TreeHugger wish only the best for all people, regardless of what they eat and how ever many meetings they attend. We're just sayin'.