Cocktail Organico Blog — A Potent Blend Of Ethanol Fuel And Organic Booze

Cocktail organico.jpg

We’d like to clink our glasses and say ‘cheers’ as we welcome the arrival of a new green blog to the block. Cocktail Organico is all about the booze! Whether that is basic ethanol fuel to power your motors or fancy organic Papagayo Organic Spiced Rum to power your partying! Our good TreeHugger friend Remy Chevalier is the mixicologist behind this new blog and he is looking for people who appreciate a good tipple to get involved: contributors, advertisers and web designers. So if you wanna learn about the possibilities of deriving ethanol from your lawn or check out the best organic vodkas go and mix it up at Cocktail Organico. We particularly like this blog’s tagline or ‘bumper sticker’ as Remy calls it, "Don't drink while you drive, Drive what you drink!" via: Remy C and the o2 Group.