Climate-Friendly Swedish Supper: Fennel, Bean and Tomato Stew

Climate Smart Fennel Bean Tomato Stew image

Climate-friendly Swedish cooking. Photos Stormz, Stevendamron, Morla @ flickr.

A dozen adventurous Swedish households in the country's southern Kalmar province have taken on a one-year climate challenge known as the "Climate Pilots" project. After first making an extremely detailed eight-week analysis of their purchasing habits and carbon footprint, each of the 12 families is being challenged to reduce their household's CO2 emissions significantly over 12 months.

The families' first task was to reduce the emissions from their own food purchases by 25% over eight weeks. Other challenges were to implement at least 7 of 10 ways to make water and energy use more effective, learn eco-driving, chase down vampire appliances, and even (surprisingly) track and try to eliminate at least one time-wasting activity! This month the 12 Climate Pilot families got together in four groups to cook dinner for four "host" families in order to show off what they've learned. The "winning" meal of the four - a white bean stew with tomatoes and fennel (and raspberry sorbet for dessert) caused just 3.28 kilos (nearly 7 lbs.) of CO2 emissions per person, while the "losing" meal (artichoke soup, chicken and vegetable wok, and white chocolate truffle) led to 5.79 kilos (almost 12 lbs.) of CO2 emissions per person. Sponsored by the Swedish municipality of Kalmar and local Coop supermarkets, the Climate Pilots are turning into local celebrities from media coverage - next month's challenge will involve greening participants' entertainment. Via ::Klimatpiloterna (Swedish only)

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