Clif Family Winery Introduces Green My Shipment

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While buying wine locally is usually a better option, sometimes it's simply not feasible to find high quality wineries close to home. Now Clif Family Winery is making it easier to offset your shipping. We all know what an eco-demon shipping can be and now Green My Shipment can make it just a little easier on the planet. Read on to find out how.Clif Family Winery introduces Green My Shipment, the program allows customers to help reduce the environmental impact of their wine shipment. By adding only $0.25 per bottle to their order, Clif Family Winery customers can help to offset CO2 emissions generated by the packaging and shipment of that order.

Green My Shipment Benefits NativeEnergy
All of the money collected through Green My Shipment will go directly to NativeEnergy to help support the Cascade Sierra Solutions Trucking Efficiency Project. This program helps independent truck owners/operators improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions and other pollutants generated by ground freight transport.

Other Green Features at Clif Family Winery
• The winery partners with ReCork America to recycle extra corks.
• It offsets the CO2 emissions generated by the business including energy used in the office, winemaking practices, and business travel. In partnership with NativeEnergy, purchases of offsets—a total of 144 tons in 2008—will help to build farmer-owned wind turbines.
• The winery is developing a set of sustainability guidelines to assist the growers it works with in developing more sustainable farming practices.

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