Clif Bar's Other Organic Adventure

When it comes to Clif Bar we’re usually covering their energy products in addition to the sustainable principles of the company. But while flipping through a recent issue of Outside Magazine, we noticed they had a blurb, not about the latest and greatest in energy bars, but about a venture called Clif Bar Family Winery.

Located on a farm in Napa Valley, Gary Erickson and his wife Kit Crawford purchased the property to raise horses, goats and chickens with the hopes of growing vines one day as well.

Like Clif Bar, the farm represents their vision and commitment to organic and sustainable farming, locally grown ingredients and artisan handcrafted foods.

Their commitment to sustainability also transcends through all aspects of life on the farm, for instance, they grow 100% organic fruits and vegetables and all of the vehicles run on bio-diesel.

Although some of their grapes for their wines are sourced from other vineyards, they do seek fruit from growers that are committed to the land and practice sustainable farming. While we haven’t tasted Clif’s wines yet, we’re interested to see what’s next. Via ::Outside Magazine ::Clif Bar Family Winery & Farm

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