Cleaning Your Yoga Mat, Naturally

While at the gym for our morning yoga class, we rolled out our mat and realized it might be time to clean it. We remembered a tip we got in our inbox from Ideal Bite about yoga mat cleaners so we decided to take their advice and try out a few products. Jo-Sha Wipes were a definite favorite because of their convenience. We slipped one right into our yoga bag and wiped down our mat before class started. It dried almost immediately and the soothing fragrance of essential oils is infused into each wipe, making our Vinyasa a bit more relaxing. Four fragrances are available (Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Tangerine) or you can get an assortment. A package of 20 (biodegradable) wipes is $11.95 and comes in packaging that can be recycled. We also liked the Vermont Soap Organics Yoga & Exercise Mat Cleaner. It’s certified organic, made from vegetable oils and botanicals, and very mild. The small pocketsize bottle is great to carry with you ($4.79). Via ::Ideal Bite ::Jo-Sha Wipes ::Vermont Soap Organics