CleanFish: Supplying Sustainable Seafood for All

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Cleaner Fish to Halt Ocean Crisis
Given TreeHugger's concerns about overfishing and climate change threatening global fish stocks, and given our enthusiasm for sustainable fisheries, it's a little surprising that we have yet to run a post on San Francisco based CleanFish - a company we learned about through Food & Wine Magazine's recent green issue. CleanFish is dedicated to finding the cleanest, most sustainably produced fish and supplying it to restaurants and retailers. This from the company's website:
"CleanFish is a company, an aspiration and a movement. We care about taste, quality, people and the health of our planet. We believe that these days, sustainable seafood of the highest quality and taste is only possible when it comes from artisans who carefully cultivate or harvest with a depth of tradition, stewardship, and respect for the communities and precious ecosystems in which we all eat and live."

Sounds pretty darned good. Given that the company supplies locations as far apart as New York and San Francisco, and given that their catch includes Mexican shrimp, Australian sea bass and Texas redfish, I suspect that CleanFish isn't for the locavores among us (I couldn't find anything about offsets, or prioritising local sourcing on their website). But given the perilous state of our global fisheries, and the global nature of the modern seafood market, anything that provides a financial incentive for conservation has got to be a step in the right direction.

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