Citizen Bean: Organic, Fair-Trade Coffee-of-the-Month Club


Keep yourself or the coffee snob/caffeine enthusiast in your life rolling in gourmet java beans with Citizen Bean, an online subscription coffee-roaster-of the-month club that offers the "best sustainable and complex roasts" from small-batch specialty roasters across the United States.

For $79.99 for four months, $119.99 for six months, or $199.99 for a whole year (includes various coffee-making accoutrements, as well), the Citizen Bean subscriber will receive an exclusive organic, fair-trade, and shade-grown coffee selection, delivered days after the beans have been roasted. With the tagline "Coffee with a Conscience," the San Francisco, Calif. company—which, oddly enough, has co-opted the Statue of Liberty in its logo—wants to use the niche marketing of specialty roasts to enable subsistence coffee growers to improve their livelihoods and emerge from poverty.

A portion of Citizen Bean's profits will be donated to a charity of each roaster's choice; the company also says it uses post-consumer recycled materials in its packaging, shipping, and collateral. ::Citizen Bean

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