Chuck Trash Talks Ronald, Gets in Trouble

Prince Charles was talking to a nutritionist in a diabetes treatment centre in Abu Dhabi discussing childhood obesity and said ""Have you got anywhere with McDonald's? Have you tried getting it banned? That is the key."

Whenever HRH says anything the British press responds with humour and grace- The Mirror told him to "Burger off" and the Times pointed out that his own "Duchy Originals organic Cornish pasty has 264 calories per 100g, and a Big Mac only 229 calories; a Duchy Originals pasty has 5.5g of saturated fat, a Big Mac just 4.17g." and "There aren't many people who can manage to be a loudmouth, a danger to the constitution and a buffoon all at the same time."

However perhaps the Manchester Evening News got it right: " The only way we'll start to crack the horror of lives stunted by the ill health caused by poor nutrition is with a cultural mindchange to stop considering a lard-laden snack as a treat or a reward. Coming on the same day as a study discovered that children believe cows lay eggs, surely McDs, KFC and all the rest have a role to play in that. "

Chuck Trash Talks Ronald, Gets in Trouble
Whenever HRH says anything