CHOCaid Organic Chocolate

With the huge Live 8 concerts about to get underway, here's a story about a more modest approach to much the same issues of poverty and hunger. We affluent computer-user types can buy 100% organic milk chocolate. On the packaging we'll find a code that allows us chocoholics to visit a website and select a project in Africa, India and South America that provides "sustainable food and water supplies for communities in great need". A portion of the purchase price for that same block of chocolate then goes to that project. Indeed, all of the money goes direct to the project, none is retained for admin purposes. So your dollars, pounds, euros, etc can be spent directly on "clean water, vegetable growing, agricultural training ...all the projects aim at providing people in the developing world with a safety net for the future and vital steps away from malnutrition and poverty." The swiss chocolate itself is 33% cocoa and 73% of the ingredients are fair traded. ::CHOCaid