Chiquita Cleans Up its Act


Dave McLaughlin didn't tell his bosses at Chiquita that he was talking to environmentalists, much less taking their suggestions. For years, the banana company had been synonymous with rainforest destruction and other environmental harms; the company's executives so mistrusted environmentalists that meetings with them often turned into shouting matches. McLaughlin kept at his incognito environmental activism, essentially using the two Costa Rican farms he was managing as test cases for a partnership with Rainforest Alliance; the results were so good, that the entire company followed suit, and has really cleaned up its act. Today all 110 of Chiquita's company-owned farms and the vast majority of its independent farms are certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Chiquita now recycles 100 percent of its plastic bags into paving stones and has reduced pesticide use by 26 percent. Congratulations to Dave McLaughlin, whose passion and persistence single-handedly transformed a huge company for the better. Now let's all celebrate with a banana split. ::CNN via ::Hugg