Chinese Fake Organic Grain Certifications...And Worse.

soybeans photo

Soy bean pods...origin of the soy bean, ironically, is Asia. Image credit:wikipedia

A Chinese food exporter was recently caught using fake organic certifications, peddling to US buyers on both coasts "organic" grains produced on Chinese government-controlled factory farms (from commune to con?). Good that USDA had the guts to stand up to it.

Maybe this nab will offer sustenance to the struggling organic farmers who for so long nurtured and continue to stand behind US organic standard. As reported in The Frederick News: "On Feb. 11, the USDA's National Organic Program released evidence of attempted fraud by a Chinese organic agricultural marketer. The agency made public a fraudulent organic certificate produced by an uncertified supplier in China...According to a USDA statement, the Chinese firm used the counterfeit certificate to represent non-organic crops, including soybeans, millet and buckwheat, as organic." Vegetarian organic nightmare.
The fake organic food deceit is a widespread and long-running issue.

Brian Biggins said misrepresentation by some Chinese businesses are not limited to shipments of organic grains.

"They are shipping everything they can and call it organic," said Biggins who owns and operates Miolea Organic Farm Adamstown with his wife, Carolyn.

China's fake organic products are being shipped to the east and west coasts, Biggins said.

And the plain old garden variety nightmare.
Recently, China's "organic" ginger was found to be contaminated with a pesticide called aldicarb, which at low levels causes nausea, headaches and blurred vision.

"The ginger contained a level of aldicarb not even permissible for conventional ginger, let alone organic," Biggins said.

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