China to Track Vegetables During 2008 Olympics

It seems as if everyday brings another story about what China is doing to promote sustainability and to address its environmental problems. Why should today be any different? According to a report in the Beijing News, China will begin tracking its vegetables in an effort to ensure food safety during the 2008 Olympics. Each vegetable will be given an identity number and file so that its origins can be traced in the event of a ‘safety incident’. Furthermore, each vegetable will be inspected at a distribution center before being allowed to enter an Olympic kitchen. The report suggests that Beijing will need more than 5,000 metric tons of vegetables during the two-week event. This is clearly an attempt to address the potential for contamination from banned pesticides and pollutants that have previously been detected in vegetables from China. See also ::China Leads World in Renewable Energy Investment, ::China Imposes Consumption Tax on Chopsticks, and ::China Redefines Green