China and Malaysia to Ban BPA From Chidren's Products

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Photo: Quoe Pejorian

It was a sad day last year when intense lobbying efforts in Congress won out, and a ban on BPA in children's products was blocked. But it seems that China and Malaysia have beaten us to the punch. According to Green Biz, China and Malaysia have been added to the list of countries setting bans on BPA.China's Ministry of Health announced plans to ban any BPA-containing baby bottles or other food and drink items for children, but has no set start date. Malaysia has banned BPA in baby bottles starting next March, according to the article.

U.S. Congress has yet to move to ban BPA, though some state and local governments have moved toward bans. But it seems we're far behind the curve on this issue. To date, Canada, the European Union, China, and Malaysia have all banned BPA from certain items.

I wrote that last year we almost made some progress, if not for some intense lobbying on the part of industry groups. The Senate was set to consider a bipartisan deal to limit the use of BPA in children's products but the bill failed thanks to hard opposition from the American Chemistry Council and other lobbying efforts. The ban was proposed as an amendment to the food safety bill passed last year.

According to the Washington Post, more than 200 studies have connected BPA to a range of health concerns, including cancer and developmental and reproductive problems.

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