Chef Whips Up Solar Supper


Toronto chef Brook Kavanagh serves local produce and meats in his restaurant, La Palette, so carbon-free cooking was the next logical step. "There is really not much limit to it," says Mr. Kavanagh, who has used a solar cooker to prepare duck confit and crème caramel. "The food tastes the same. The benefit is that it's not using any electricity or gas." Sarah Elton writes in the Globe and Mail that he and a small, growing number of urban dwellers are turning to solar grills and ovens to whip up carbon-free meals at home.

Kavanagh sees limitations in a restaurant kitchen, which has to deal with large quantities of food, but he has developed solar-cooker recipes and as his next project, would like to build a solar cooker to mount on his roof at home. "When the sun is shining, why not use it?" he says. ::Globe and Mail and to see that dinosaurs still roam the earth, read the comments.

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