Celebrity Chef Responds to Fish Fight Critics

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Last week I reported that some folks were criticizing Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Fish Fight campaign for its lack of specific demands or goals. It was, said critics, a case of breaking "the first rule of campaigning"—namely knowing what constitutes success. But in an impassioned post over at Business Green, the celebrity chef is hitting back with a defense of Fish Fight and its objectives. He argues that there are plenty of competing plans for sustainable fishing out there, and that it is more important to raise the profile of the issue and build a broad coalition than to prescribe one specific set of solutions: "So does this campaign fully understand and state its objectives? Yes, absolutely. We aim to end wasteful discards by making them publicly unacceptable. We look to the imminent CFP reforms to resolve this problem. And we emphasise that European politicians will be publically accountable for the success or failure of the reforms in this regard."

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