Celebrate the New Year with Organic Bubbly

We just have to have champagne on New Year's — no question about it. So we went searching for some organic champagne and sparkling wines (for those of you that don't know, yes there is a difference — champagne is from France!). After going on a few chat sites it seems that people have been very impressed by an organic and "underrated" champagne called Fleury that is full of flavor and suitable for vegans. But we could only find this champagne on various UK sites so we went searching for some others that we might be able find in the US of A. We came up with a company called "Diamond Organics" (and they overnight, by the way) that offered just three different selections for us. They all sounded tasty but we weren't convinced and decided to tap into our friend, Scott, at Appellation in New York City for some of his favorites. Wow did he have a long list! Not only does he give us a selection of both champagne and sparking wine (organic/biodynamic), but he lists the prices and descriptions as well.Here's what Scott came up with:

NV Pierre Brigandat Brut Réserve (Biodynamic) $23.99
This grower wine (récoltant-manipulant -- RM) uses at least 95% estate- grown fruit. A medium-bodied sparkler with chalky minerality notes.

NV Larmandier-Bernier Premier Cru Vertus (Biodynamic) $38.99
This is a fine grower (RM) champagne farmed biodynamically using 100% Premier Cru grapes including a small selection of pinot noir growing in the chardonnay-dominant area of Côtes des Blancs. This delicious wine has notes of minerality and lees.

NV Pascal Doquet Premier Cru Rosé (Organic) $46.99
This beautiful rosé champagne is farmed organically from pinot noir grapes, hand-harvested and full of roses and strawberries.

'97 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvée (Biodynamic) $89.99
Carefully tended old vines and hand picked grapes yield a rich and round champagne full of citrus and vanilla. Great structure, full of body...elegant!

NV Albert Mann Crémant d'Alsace (Organic) $18.99
Like champagne? Want to try something different? This is softer and lighter, with a beautiful blend of apple, citrus and floral notes. All hand harvested, a lot of work was put into this sparkler.

'04 Ermite Medici Reggiano "Solo" (Biodynamic) $11.99
A sparkling red? Long before the Aussies started sparkling their Shiraz, Lambrusco has been pleasing the masses. Solo packs enough to warrant discussion or no-hassle enjoyment.

'03 Eric Bordelet Normandy Sydre "Doux" (Biodynamic) $12.99
Biodynamic cider? Yes, and this cider explodes with ripe, freshly crushed apple notes. Delicious with a touch of sweetness and acidity. Great as an aperitif, paired with charcuterie and blue-vein cheese.

All of these selections and more can be found at Appellation's online store or at 156 10th Avenue in New York City. Thanks for the tips, Scott! Happy New Year, TreeHuggers and be safe! *ching, ching* ::Diamond Organics ::Appellation